Us Kiwis are a casual old bunch, aren't we! We greet each other with head nods and raised brows, we call each other "mate" and "bro" and slang words are more often than not in our vocabulary. So what happens when you attend a job interview? Is it appropriate to drop the 'S' word? Is it appropriate to call the interviewer "mate"?

I would suggest there are times in life when language needs to be kept at it's cleanest. Those events would be birthday parties (where the birthday boy/girl is under the age of 12, or over the age of 80), any meeting to get your child into a catholic school, the unlikely event you are graced with the presence of the Queen, and of course... a job interview.

If you're a jovial type of person, feel free to include your regular casual banter into the interview, just watch the language and keep it professional.  Just remember you can have personality without the profanity.

And never leave an interview with "thanks, mate!"