Slick dance moves, elegant dresses, silk suits, and broad upper body movements. I didn't have to say it but you know what I'm talking about don't you? That's right, Recruitment. Not convinced? Just ask my colleagues. In all seriousness, I like to think that the recruitment process is very similar to that of a Tango dance.

Just like a tango dance, it takes two to perform the art of Talent Acquisition. In most cases, these two parties being the recruiter and the candidates. However, the two parties involved can often lose touch and at times can feel like its a one way street for both. We spent countless hours practicing and honing our craft, making sure that we know to use the right tools and ask the right questions in order to find the right people. 

Once we get a new role, its showtime!

The Recruiters have the floor. They prepare for the dance as their opposition, one by one they take their place. They make their move and waltz towards the candidates and we all know that they both have their eyes on the prize. For the Recruiters, it's the perfect candidate with financial services experience. And for the candidates, well, a piece of paper with some numbers, a dollar sign and a blank space with the words 'SIGN HERE' written below. 

However, as they begin to dance, nothing seems to be going their way...

  • They walk up to the candidate and ask for a dance, only for them to be told that they've already been asked to dance by another recruitment agency.
  • Some Candidates will show up in jandals, shorts, and a hoody and tell the recruiter that they've never had experience. But no need to worry, because they're willing to learn everything on the spot.

But recruiters are not the only one having trouble on the dance floor

The Candidates have just a difficult time trying to connect to their dance partners.

  • Candidates are dancing with the recruiters and scoring bonus points for a good first round. But just when they are looking ahead at the next steps, the recruiters vanish into thin air - never to be seen or heard from again.
  • The Candidate may have flawlessly performed a modern rendition of the tango classic ' the java developer'. However, the recruiter abruptly stops the dance as they learn that they don't know how to perform the highly sought out 'JBPM*' dance move, the one requirement that the candidate does not meet.

They're not communicating and they're stepping on each other's toes, only for the recruiter to end up as the bad guy and the candidate, a pest. When in fact, this is not the case (in most cases...)

Overall, there are so many factors to the recruitment process which can make the job quite challenging. Different ideas on what makes a good recruitment experience and the different objectives both parties wish to meet results in a pretty bad dance routine. 

I believe the little things such as keeping your candidates informed even through a 30-second phone call, setting realistic expectations and for candidates to return the favor can help make the process more streamlined and helps avoid those embarrassing messy situations such as the ones mentioned above. 

*jBPM is an open-source workflow engine written in Java that can execute business processes.