For all you Fisherpeople out there, this may rain true. Fishing and recruitment are more similar than you may think, or does that seem a bit fishy?

As a recruiter, you need to have the right bait to attract the right candidates. Recruiters must work closely with their clients to understand their needs and what they offer. When I say offer, I don’t just mean their benefits package, although this is important. I also mean what they offer in terms of culture and career growth opportunities. By understanding this you can cast out accurate bait to the market.

You could be on a boat with 10 other fishermen, using pilchard bait, and if everyone else is using squid, and the fish are eating pilchards, then you’ll be the one catching fish. In this same way, if you’re talking to a candidate that’s now on the market for a new job you need to find out what they are looking for, and I mean delving deep into this (not just on the surface). 

Why are they truly looking for a new role, what are their motivators? Someone else’s bait may offer a higher salary, but you truly understand what they’re looking to get into, so your career progression bait reels in the almighty catch. Do they want to work closer to home? Do they want workplace flexibility so they can spend more time with their kids? In a candidate-driven market, you’re not going to catch a Kingfish with a mere hook.

You need to continuously change your bait, otherwise, you’ll stop getting bites! Every bite won’t result in a catch and sometimes if you’re too complacent, and I can say from experience, you’ll catch a beautiful Kahawai, put it in your cooler box and it’ll jump right out. If you’re not getting bites, then you’re probably not using the right bait. In this same way, if your LinkedIn searches aren’t working then try SEEK, check your database, change it up!

Make sure you’re catching the best fish in the sea for the role and company. Ensure you don’t work with a transaction mindset, by ensuring you’re always looking for the right skillset along with a cultural fit for the client. Think long game and your reputation on the market. If the client wants a Snapper, don’t catch them a Parore!

Are you fishing in the right spot? Don’t get caught in the rocks. Sometimes you need to fish far and wide to catch anything, just like you may need to expand your recruitment search to other parts of the country, or even overseas to find the right skill set.

If the water’s looking murky (full of other recruiters – your arch Nemo-sis), then times will be tough, and you’ll probably go home having caught seaweed and a shoe. So keep an eye out on other fishermen and where they’re fishing.

Fishing has changed over time - the ways to do it, and the use of technology; just like recruitment has changed. However, in reality, those with the best knowledge, experience, and patience will be the best recruiters and fishermen; and the rest won’t be up to scale. Apologies for the pun, but salmon had to say it!

In conclusion, I’m nearly a year into recruitment and I’m hooked!