Whenever I tell anyone what I do for work, it's hard to ignore people's stink reactions. 

I promise you I'm not trying to scalp you from your current role when we're having a chat over a beer on the weekend! This got me curious about what job seekers actually think about recruiters. Who hurt you and, more importantly, how can I make you change your mind?!

Recently I posted about recruiters who publicly shame their candidates over social media, but I know from experience it goes beyond this as well. Many recruiters are just plain pushy, won't listen to requirements and spam via Linkedin InMails to anyone with a heartbeat. I recently read an article which I think sums up pretty well why some developers see an unknown number call or a LinkedIn notification and run for the hills. 

Just to be clear... I am in defense of recruiters here!

From my own 2 cents, I see myself as a mediator. Most experts agree that only about 30% of all vacancies are actively advertised. We have relationships which help unlock these hidden gems and give you candid info on their culture, challenges and tips to succeed. You can be honest about your salary, and from our perspective, the higher the salary the more we get paid so we're gunning for you!

My colleague Sang-Woo recently wrote an article about the interesting dynamics between candidate and recruiter and how much of a two way street it is. For the most part, like all relationships, it's about finding someone who you can talk to comfortably and know they're on the same page as you. Without being biased, I 100% think that there is a personality for anyone on my team!

So if anyone feels personally victimised by recruiters, don't be discouraged because your recruiter ally is out there!