Social media always has a way of creating problems that wouldn't exist 15 years ago! While you might be chummy with your colleagues at lunch (or when you're meant to be working), where is the line drawn between workmates... and actual mates?

Social media has a lot of benefits for building relationships. Your colleagues aren't just their titles, they're humans that go home after work and social media can be great for keeping in touch and discovering things in common, the same reasons why you might request an acquaintance or 'friend of a friend'. 

But with a job market as small as New Zealand, your drunken Crate Day pics and self-deprecating memes can come back to bite you, perhaps this is more of a question of what you post rather than who you befriend! 

For me, I can see both sides of the coin. While I'm not too keen on my boss seeing everything I engage with (any other true crime fans out there? I don't actually want to kill people!), I also enjoy seeing all the adventures my current and previous colleagues are up to and I like the fact that long after we have moved on we can still reminisce and have an avenue to catch up for a coffee. 

What do you think? What would you do if you received a friend request from your boss? This article has a few tips!