Sometimes when things seem doom and gloom, I have to remind myself that the only way I can change anything in this world is by embracing and embodying the change in myself.

The same principle works when it comes to looking at gender equality. 

Starting my career path at the age of 18 in Russia, I found myself years later needing to change my conditioning around money. At one point of my career I had an interesting conversation with my then-manager: he was telling me that the decision was made to give my colleague a raise and not me. Why? Because he was older, had kids and 'obviously' needed this raise more and I "still had plenty of time and opportunities ahead." 

Guess how I reacted? I agreed that this was fair! 

I was young and, even though I worked just as hard (or even harder), this colleague of mine was more deserving because of his age and family situation.

That conversation made me realise that my view on remuneration might not have been very healthy. No one in my life has actually taught me to talk about money: not my parents, school teachers, university professors or any of my managers.

So I would like to encourage you to read this article (by the way, if you do not know who Alexia Hilbertidou is, please google her - she is a very inspiring young Kiwi!), look at your own conditioning around money and make sure that you teach your kids (boys and especially girls) to take charge of their own financial situation.