With a rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation bearing down on New Zealand, and the world at large, the prospect of working from home is no longer a pipe dream that many wish to attain, but a very real situation that has overnight become a reality for some workers. But with this comes challenges (doesn't everything?) most of them centered around keeping focused on the task at hand, whilst you are surrounded by all the comforts of home.

Yes, you have the amazing benefits of no commute, being able to wear whatever you want (I know many workplaces are flexible now, but point out one that allows pyjamas!),  and the ability to raid your own fridge come lunch time. But you also need the discipline to not slip into weekend mode. Yes, you are at home, and yes, you are wearing comfy clothes but no that doesn't mean you can brunch until midday, maybe answer a few emails and then nap in the afternoon sunshine. I mean you could, but don't expect to have a role to come back to after this is all over!

Those who work from home regularly have a range of helpful tips to offer around how to stay on task. Everything from get out of your bedroom, to keep your phone away from you so you aren't tempted into a social media hole of distractions. Anything to help keep that momentum when you don't have colleagues or managers around to keep you on task should be considered.

Do you have any pro tips for how to remain engaged when you are surrounded by chores needing to be done, noisy children off from school or pets who think your laptop is their ideal nap spot? Share them below!