When it comes to interview questions there are some fairly standard ones that you all have probably come across.

What has been your favourite job to date? 

And your least favourite? 


Tell me about a time when you tried something and failed?

What are your greatest strengths, and weaknesses?

Now, I'm no crystal ball reader, but I do have a prediction and that is the rise and rise of a new popular interview question which will be something along the lines of:

What were you doing in 2020?

For some, who have retained a job throughout, this question can be answered with the story of the juggling act that this has been - working from home, surrounded by children who are not studying, and then are, having cats join in conference calls all while drinking back copious amounts of instant coffee. But, for others, this question might be the difference between securing the job and not. 

If your answer is currently "baking scones and watching Tiger King" then chances are (and once again, I'm no psychic!) you're not getting the role. If your answer includes upskilling and attending online courses, then well done, you! That is exactly what your future employer wants to hear!

For those not currently working, now is the time to spend some quality time on YOU and the way YOU market yourself. 

Send your CV around to recruiters, do they have any suggestions for you? Ask a friend or former colleague to critique your LinkedIn profile - does it accurately describe your work and what you can offer a future employer? Find an online course that you can attend or check out the courses provided on LinkedIn Learning. Reconnect with old colleagues by writing recommendations or simply asking "how are you"?

Finally, if you are happy with the time you've spent on you, look at ways you can help others. So if you are asked, "what did you do in 2020?" you can at least say "I baked scones for others."