The wave is rising and rising, you've skipped the past two waves in anticipation of this one, it's time to go. You start kicking, head down, arms paddling ahead - you're in! You're literally going with the flow. 

For me, bodysurfing is when I enter my Flow State. My state of being in "the zone." This a time when my body and mind are one. I don't have a thousand thoughts crashing through my mind, I am at peace.

What is the Flow State?

This is focus in its purest form. You are fully absorbed and entirely focused on something. Nothing can distract you. You feel like you're floating out at sea. Time no longer exists. You can give everything from within you and your full attention to the task at hand. You are in a state of immense concentration and engagement. You are present and embracing the power of the moment. 

When does it occur?

You will be challenged in some manner, physically or mentally, and will have a passion and feel a sense of joy with this action or task. This sense of passion will empower you to be extremely driven and content with what you are doing. 

For a surfer this is not thinking about the wave crashing down on them, they’re not thinking about their mortgage, their student loan, or even whether they put off the stove before they left their house. They are at one with the wave. All they think is paddle and kick and embrace the moment when you glide along the ocean, powered by mother nature. 

Finding your Flow State

Maybe, you’ve already experienced the Flow State. Maybe, you experience this with your job, or maybe you experience it with a hobby you have. 

Find something you are passionate about, or fully embrace something you are currently passionate about. Ensure there are constantly new challenges you can overcome. You should focus more deeply on the journey to complete the task rather the task’s completion. If you’re going to surf a wave you need to focus on catching it rather than thinking ahead to the moment you're surfing it.

Regardless of the task, ensure you are kept motivated by your inner passion for it, and you’ll likely experience the state of flow which you desire. 

Benefits of Flow State at Work

If you are currently in or can find a job and career where you experience the Flow State, then you will experience enhanced concentration on a day-to-day basis, a greater sense of clarity and an overall positive mindset when working.