Due to current circumstances being what they are, a spotlight has been thrown on an organisation's ability to move ahead with hiring processes throughout these changing times, and although cost might be the biggest barrier for some, the inability to digitally onboard new staff members has proven a very large hurdle for many organisations.

Perhaps this is something we need to take a look at moving forward - and not just for potential future pandemic scenarios, but instead to realise some much larger benefits.

Some organisations have already implemented digital onboarding and seen a variety of positive outcomes, such as crucial paperwork regarding new staff members being completed faster (and often ahead of the new employee even starting), standardisation of this process has ensured that nothing can be missed, current forms are always provided instead of anything out of date, training can be more effectively tracked and along with message consistency, staff members are able to get up to speed on focused on their actual work a lot faster.

It's a pretty compelling story! Will your organisation start moving towards a more digital process, or have they already?