Now, before I get into this, I know what you're thinking: "Great... another post dedicated to that big ol' pandemic that's floating around the place... ughhh" - but, hear me out.

A global pandemic in the midst of what some would call the 'Golden Age of Technology', means that a number of changes across the technological board is nothing but inevitable. Something in particular which has caught my eye (particularly as a former Health services employee) is the huge growth of 'Telehealth'. Whilst it has been hiding right under our noses, it is interesting that it has taken a pandemic to launch it onto the technological and medical scene.

To keep things simple, 'Telehealth' is the use of information and communication technologies to deliver health care when patients and specialists are not in the same physical location.

Whilst a video call with your GP isn't going to help with your broken leg (just in case you didn't know), it can help with other aspects such as infection screening, renewing prescriptions, follow-ups and many more.

Telehealth has been able to reduce the burden places on medical professionals and hospital capacities during the COVID-19 pandemic by diagnosing and monitoring patients remotely. 

The author of this article outlines the importance of Telehealth not only for state of emergencies like we are currently experiencing, but beyond that in our every day lives.

What are your thoughts?